The Keep

The Keep, a state-of-the-art contemporary building for archival records, houses the collections of the East Sussex County Record Office, the Royal Pavilion & Museums Local History Collection, the internationally significant University of Sussex Special Collections, and the Sussex Family History Group library and headquarters. It was opened in December 2013.

Designed by Atkins, internationally renowned architects, The Keep has opened up access to these combined collections, providing an unrivalled, detailed record of the region’s history, dating back over 900 years. The three collections have synergies, and bringing them together has presented a concentration of collection management expertise and wide-ranging economies of scale.

The building has been designed for different people to use in different ways. There is access to historical material for scholars and specialist researchers, the adult and community sectors, schools, colleges, universities and businesses such as solicitors, architects and developers.

The Keep, which houses six and a half miles of archives and room for ten miles in total, has been designed to be long lasting, easily maintained and sustainable. It has as low a carbon “footprint” as is possible and was designed to be the most sustainable archive building of its type in the country.

Press Coverage

The Times

30 August 2014 
Half page article on different archives combined in The Keep.

BBC TV South East: Inside Out

21 October 2013
7 minute feature about The Keep, looking at some of the stories within the collection, including interviews with Elizabeth Hughes, Fiona Courage and Kevin Bacon.

ITV Meridian

6 November 2013
3 minute feature about The Keep, including brief ‘behind the scenes’ tour and interviews with Elizabeth Hughes and Fiona Courage.

BBC Radio Sussex

19 November 2013
Outside broadcasts throughout the breakfast show, including interviews with Elizabeth Hughes, Christopher Whittick and Melissa Williams. The Keep was also mentioned in the news bulletin throughout the day.

June 2013
Live broadcast from The Keep, as well as pre-recorded ‘behind the scenes’ preview tour of the building featured on Breakfast show and on Drivetime programme. 

Family Tree Magazine 

December 2013 
News item about The Keep opening

Genealogy News Agenda 

February 2014 
Article about local and family history records archived in The Keep. 

Arts Industry

February 2014
An overview of The Keep after its public opening. 

Culture 24

28 January 2014
Online article about the Mass Observation Project moving to The Keep. 

11 June 2013
Article about the opening of The Keep as well as detailing its different sections. 

Sussex Life

January 2014 
Article about the different archives combined in The Keep. 

December 2013 
Photograph from the Queen’s visit to The Keep. 

Latest 7

12 – 18 November 
Article about the public opening of The Keep.

The Argus

November 2013
Two page article, with seven images, included in a supplement about the Queen’s visit to The Keep.

18 November 2013
News item on the public opening of The Keep.

31 October 2013
News item with one image and interview with Elizabeth Hughes, county Archivist, included in a full page article about the Queens visit in Sussex.

23 October 2013
Article on the Queen’s plans to visit Sussex and The Keep.

5 June 2013 
Article focusing on the preservation of historical documents concerning East Sussex history in The Keep.

Sussex Express 

15 November 2013
Article focusing on the history of Lewes which is preserved in documents archived in The Keep.

14 June 2013
Article on The Keep preserving regional history.

Eastbourne Herald

November 15 2013
Feature on the public opening of The Keep, and the documents detailing Eastbourne history that are archived there. 

North Laine Runner

August 2013
‘Q & A’ style article about the upcoming opening of The Keep.


November 2013
Article on the public opening of The Keep.

CMPCA Newsletter 

July – August 2013 
News item about the upcoming opening of The Keep.

December – January 2013
News item about The Keep opening to the public.

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