Unlocking the creative potential of museum collections

museumaker was a prestigious national project involving sixteen museums across the country. It unlocked the creative potential of collections through imaginative interchanges between the heritage and contemporary craft sectors. Supported by Arts Council England (ACE), Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) and its Renaissance Programme, it offered new experiences for existing museum visitors and established innovative ways of developing audiences. Each chosen museum commissioned one or more outstanding makers to create intriguing new work in response to the venue, its associations and collections.

The participating museums were: Alford Manor (Lincolnshire); Bowes Museum (County Durham); Geffrye Museum (London); Guildhall Museum (Rochester); Harley Museum and Gallery (Welbeck Estate, Worksop); Kedleston Hall (Nr Quarndon, Derby); Killhope Lead Mining Museum (County Durham); Middlesbrough Museum Service; Orleans House Gallery (Richmond-on-Thames); Royal Pavilion (Brighton); Beaney Art Museum & Library (Canterbury); Lightbox (Woking); University of Nottingham Museum; Valentine’s Mansion (Redbridge); Women’s Library (London); Woodhorn, Northumberland Museum and Archives (Northumberland).

Press coverage
National Print Press and Broadcast Media

BBC Radio 4: Front Row

22 July 2010
Corinne Julius included Susie MacMurray’s installation at Kedleston Hall, and visited Harley Gallery and Kedleston Hall on press trip to East Midlands


24 September 2010
Sitting the Light Fantastic featured on Selvedge Blog with two images 

July/August 2010
Full page on museumaker, written by Corinne Julius: Place Setting, Promenade and Summer in the City with five images

A-N Magazine

July/ August 2010
Feature by Frances Lord with three images on A Dark Day in Paradise. Promenade, featured in an article about ‘Art in Unconventional Settings’


4 May 2011
Website news item with image of scrimshaw items on the Modern Jewel

May/June 2011
Feature about Bompas & Parr by Liz Farrelly

May/June 2011
Large review by Grant Gibson, featuring museumaker

March/April 2011
Prominent news item about Middlesbrough Museum Service project, with an image 

November 2010
Website: news item about Bompas & Parr’s Taste O Rama, with image

November 2010
Website: Exchanging Luminance featured, with an image

November 2010
Website: Crafted Footnotes item in news, with image 

4 November 2010
Website: news item about Imagined Objects of Desire, with images

September 2010
News item about Imagined Objects of Desire, with an image

October 2010
Website news item about Handmade Tales

20 September 2010
Website: Sitting the Light Fantastic featured, with one image 

6 August 2010
Website: Promenade featured, with nine images

June/July 2010
Double page spread featuring A Dark Day in Paradise, Place Setting, Tool Shed, Valentines Textile, etc., with images 

24 June 2010
Website: news item about Dark Day in Paradise, with image

April 2010
A Dark Day in Paradise item in news, with image

Design Week

22 September 2010
Kei Ito’s installation featured on DW Blog, with an image

24 June 2010
Anna Richardson included museumaker in article about retail products (Rebecca Chitty, Jessamy Kelly, Clare Twomey, Women’s Library and Valentines Textile), with images


4 June 2010
3 page profile of museumaker by Simon Tait, with images

Telegraph TV

21 July 2010
Promenade video featured. Also on Telegraph website 

The Times

28 October 2010
Piece about Garden of Lantern Birds

Art Quarterly Magazine

August 2010
museumaker featured in ‘news’ section with photograph of A Dark Day in Paradise

The Lady

10 August 2010
Jane Wildgoose and Life is Very Sweet featured in a four page article with five images by Annabel Freyberg 

Museums and Heritage

August 2010
National Launch featured in magazine, with image. Also on website 

Museums Journal

July 2010
Felicity Heywood included a photograph of Dark Day in Paradise and write up of the National Launch 


May/June 2011
Feature about Sue Lawty’s installation, with image

January/February 2011
Article about Kei Ito’s work, with images of Sitting the Light Fantastic installation at Geffrye Museum

September/October 2010
Jo Hall, Editor, featured museumaker projects in double page spread with eleven images

June 2010
News items with image on Language of Lead and Letters of Lead

Wood Carving Magazine

November 2010
Item on The Tool Shed on news pages, with a photograph

Cakes and Sugarcraft Magazine

Winter 2010/2011 issue
Life is Very Sweet included on ‘Cake Chat’ section at front of magazine, with an image 

Cake Craft & Decoration Magazine

February 2011
Short feature on Life is Very Sweet, with three images 

Flora Magazine

January/February 2010
Feature on Life is Very Sweet, with images

House and Garden

August 2010
Place Settings listed in August

The English Garden

November 2010
Garden of Lantern Birds included in ‘The Rake’ feature. Listed also on website

Gardens Illustrated

December 2010
Feature on Garden of Lantern Birds with images

Nadfas Journal

Spring 2010
Feature on Harley Gallery project, with images

The Jeweller

Upcoming issue
Including a news item on Imagined Objects of Desire

March 2011
In Time and the Mind of Others: The Modern Jewel included in 'Notebook' section

Retail Jeweller

2 February 2011
News story about In Time and the Mind of Others: The Modern Jewel on website

8 October 2010
Including a news item on Imagined Objects of Desire on website 

The Goldsmith

Upcoming issue
Including a news item on Imagined Objects of Desire 

May 2011
Article about Killhope and Middlesbrough Museum Service projects

The Flower Arranger

Upcoming issue
Currently writing an article on Life is Very Sweet

You Magazine

November 2010
Bompas & Parr included in an article about creative confections. 

National Websites

Culture 24

25 March 2011
Language and Letters of Lead exhibition at Killhope listed with an image

2 March 2011
Article about Bompas&Parr Taste O Rama at Harley Gallery with four images

15 December 2010
Article about A Garden of Lantern Birds, with image, by Ben Miller

5 November 2010
Interview with Brigid Howarth on museumaker’s projects, with images

2 November 2010
Interview with Lina Peterson on Imagined Objects of Desire

25 October 2010
Interview with Nicola Malkin on Crafted Footnotes

22 June 2010
Article about National Launch event, with images, by Richard Moss 

17 June 2010
Review of A Dark Day in Paradise, with images, by Mark Sheerin 

7 June 2010
Included in ‘Alternatives to the World Cup’ article by Rachel Hayward, with image 

Arts Council Website

23 June 2010
National Launch featured in ‘news’ section 

Arts Council London Website

23 September 2010
News item highlighting all four London museumaker projects 

17 December 2010
News item about Well Crafted Footnotes , with image. Included also in e-newsletter 

MLA Website

22 June 2010
National Launch featured in ‘news’ section, with image 

Art Rabbit Online

Mima exhibition listed, with large image and paragraph about museumaker

Artists at Home website

Mima exhibition listed

Reckless Gardener (online)

13 September 2010
News story on A Garden of Lantern Birds, with photograph of the Bowes Museum 

Enjoy England

Garden of Lantern Birds in listings on website

Language and letters of Lead (talk) listed

In Time and the Mind of Others listed

The Tool Shed listed


Garden of Lantern Birds in listings on website

January 2010
Feature on Kei Ito, with images 

V&A Enewsletter

Place Setting featured, with image


London General

BBC Radio London

4 June 2010
Brigid Howarth was interviewed live on Robert Elms Show 


Time Out Magazine

19 August 2010
Valentines Mansion included in 10 historic houses article 

9 December 2010
Valentines Mansions included in London's top museum shop article

Time Out Website

10 July 2010
Bespoke Valentines Textile

Redbridge News

December 2010
News item

July 2010
Included in e-newsletter 

Redbridge Life

August 2010
News item, with photograph

DoMore in Rebridge

July 2010
News item with image

ROYAL PAVILION, BRIGHTON (regional coverage all organised by LJA)

BBC TV South

Week commencing 25 June 2010
Featured on installation and interview with David Beevers and Clare Twomey

ITV Meridian

17 July 2010
Featured on installation and interview with David Beevers 

Sussex Life

August 2010
Three page article about the launch at the Pavilion, with images 

Latest TV 

August 2010
Feature on the installation for their ‘Brighton Lights’ online feature, including an interview with Clare Twomey. (This has remained on their website, and The Latest has produced a full video for museumaker)

BBC Radio Sussex

Week commencing 20 June 2010
‘Walk round’ interview with David Beevers (remained on Melita Dennett’s blog website)

The Latest Magazine

3 August 2010
Photograph of A Dark Day in Paradise on ‘contents’ page of magazine, drawing attention to item on Latest TV

29 June 2010
Photograph of A Dark Day in Paradise on ‘Don’t miss’ page 

North Laine Runner

July/August 2010
Large feature, with two images 

West Hill Whistler

1 August 2010
Large feature on the installation and launch, with an image


September/November 2010
Feature with two images

The Argus

8 June 2010
Feature with an image 

4 June 2010
Feature with two images 


Morpeth Herald

29 July 2010
News item on participatory project 

New Post Leader

15 July 2010
Article with an image 

1 July 2010
Article with an image 

Living North

August 2010
News item with image 

What's On at Woodhorn

15 July 2010
Featured in a piece about Young Museumaker Winners


Kent TV

26 May 2010
Online video with Cathy Miles giving a guided tour of the installation (This has remained on their website)

Medway Matters

August/September 2010
Piece about The Tool Shed

June/July 2010
Piece about The Tool Shed

Medway ‘What’s On’

Included in listings on website

Medway Messenger 

15 November 2010
Included in ‘culture winners’


Newcastle Evening Chronicle

1 April 2011
News feature

The Journal

October 2010
Double page spread on Sue Lawty in ‘Culture’ Magazine 

1 April 2011
News item about Language of Lead and Letters of Lead

Durham County News

September/October 2010
News item

20 August 2010
Online article about project 

Wear Valley Mercury

8 April 2011
Article about Language of Lead and Letters of Lead, with an image


BBC Tees Radio

24 March 2011
Radio feature

Middlesbrough Evening Gazette

25 March 2011
Large feature by Karen McLauchlan, with an image

Northern Echo

23 March 2011
Feature in news section

4 April 2011
Article about Language of Lead and Letters of Lead

VisiTeeVallery Website

Event listing, with overview to the project and large image

Visitnorteastengland Website

Event listing, with overview to the project and large image


BBC Wear website

September 2010
Featured in ‘Things to do in September – October’ with an image 

Darlington & Stockton Times

27 August 2010
News story 

Living North

October 2010
News item with image 

Radio Teesdale

20 October 2010
Peter Dixton visited Laura Baxter as she was installing the objects in the garden of the Bowes Museum

Teesdale Mercury

18 August 2010
Article with an image 

One North East 

Piece on website

What’s on North East website

Piece on website

North East Design Festival Brochure


5 August 2010


29 October 2010
News item about the launch of A Lantern of Garden Birds

Northern Echo

25 October 2010
Piece with an image 


Time Out Magazine

10-16 June 2010
Place Setting included as ‘critic’s choice’ event 

Time Out Website

4 June 2010
Place Setting listed, with a large image 

Richmond & Twickenham Times

25th June 2010
Included feature, with two photographs 

Croydon Guardian

25 June 2010
Article, including interview with Eleanor Pritchard and image 

Network Magazine

Summer 2010
Included news item, with photograph 

The Green Magazine

Interview with Eleanor Pritchard, with images

The Green website

Included events listing, with images

12 August 2010
News story included on website 


Retfod Times

31 March 2011
News feature about Bompas & Parr, with large photograph

East Midlands Museums Service Newsletter

June 2010
Featured Life is Very Sweet with an image

Bassetlaw Festival Brochure

Life is Very Sweet listed on page about Harley Gallery

Bassetlaw News

Autumn/Winter 2010
Feature, with a image

Mansfield Chad

7 July 2010
Included news item about new art exhibitions at the Harley 

Nottingham County Council Newsletter

5 July 2010
Included listing of Life is Very Sweet with image 

Worksop Guardian

21 July 2010
News item about opening of Life is Very Sweet

Nottingham Visual Arts Website

4 December 2010
News about Taste-O-Rama, with image


Derby Evening Telegraph

16 July 2010
Two large photographs of Susie MacMurray installing Promenade

Derby Quad Magazine 

August 2010
Featured with photograph

BBC TV East Midlands

16 July 2010
2 minute video feature. News item also on website 


Time Out Magazine

15 December 2010
Crafted Footnotes included in 'Wath's on this week' section 

28 October 2010
Crafted Footnotes included as ‘critic’s choice’ event 

Time Out website

28 October 2010
Crafted Footnotes included in web listings 

Arts Council E-Newsletter

17 December 2010
Paragraph about Crafted Footnotes, with photograph

GEFFRYE MUSEUM (all coverage organised by LJA)

BBC Radio London

21 September 2010
Robert Elms Show live interview with Christine Lalumia 

Evening Standard

15 September 2010
Kei Ito’s installation included in London Design Festival round up, with one image 

Time Out website

20 September 2010
Included web listing

Hackney Gazette

16 September 2010
News item 

Dw blog

22 September 2010
One image 

ITN ‘Countdown’ (for ICS Shanghai)

30 September 2010
Included in round-up of London’s events 

Look North

Yet to appear
Feature with images 

Time Out Magazine

4 November 2010
Sitting the Light Fantastic included as ‘critic’s choice’ event 

28 October 2010
Sitting the Light Fantastic included as ‘critic’s choice’ event


News items on Sitting the Light Fantastic, with images

Rex Features

18 November 2010
Images of Sitting the Light Fantastic


BBC Radio Nottingham

11 November 2010
Lina Peterson to be interviewed on air

University of Nottingham Website

8 October 2010
Imagined Object of Desire included in listing

6 October 2010
News about Imagined Object of Desire

Gilsfever Website

10 October 2010
News item, with an image


Surrey Life (online)

9 November 2010
News item about Exchanging Luminance


Skegness Standard

September 2010
Article with an image


Guardian Blog

31 January 2011
Article by Bella Todd about 'theatre and food', including Bompas & Parr

Super Punch Blog

2 November 2011
Feature on Bompas & Parr, including mention of Taste O Rama, with image of event poster

Trust New Art Blog

10 August 2010
Write up of Promenade, with five images 

Bon bon atelier

5 January 2011
Review of Sitting in the Light Fantastic, with images

Gourmet Live Blog

November 2010
Piece about Bompas & Parr

The Needle Files

6 April 2011
Feature about In Time and the Mind of Others: The Modern Jewel, with an image

Vintage Secret Blog

18 November 2010
News item about Culinary and film extravaganza, with image

Cockpit Art Blog

17 June 2010
Place Setting launch included, with images 

Bored of Brighton Blog

June 2010
News item with an image

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