Mile End Park 

A 21st century park in London's East End

Mile End Park has been called “London’s quietest yet best Millennium project, far from the fleshpots of the West End”.

The park was transformed by the Mile End Park Partnership: the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, the Environment Trust and the East London Business Alliance, with: The revolutionary Green Bridge, Europe's most spectacular environmental bridge, designed by Piers Gough; the peaceful Terraced Gardens, with imaginative plantings, chosen for colour and aroma, tiered lakes and water features; the 10 acre ArtsPark, a major outdoor setting for works of art; and Art Pavilionwith exciting arts and exhibition resources; the Ecology Park, demonstrating a naturalistic approach to park design with around 800 plant species and diverse wildlife habitats, with an Ecology Centre; a Go-Kart track; a Sports Park; the Children's Park and Adventure Park; an Extreme Sports Centre; open, flat, grassed areas for play, visiting circuses and funfairs.

Press Coverage
National Newspapers

The Times

7 October 2000
"A greener East End is just a walk away. Tim Teeman discovers a paradise of sorts down the Mile End Road". Large feature with 3 images.

17 June 2000
"The Regeneration Game" - Double-page centre-spread in Times Metro by Lottie Moggach on the Green Bridge and Piers Gough with 6 colour images. 
"From Bombsite to Urban Eden" - Large (half page) Feature + photo by Michael Durham.

6 November 1999
News feature by Michael Durham

Times Play

16 – 22 June 2001
Listed under “5 best London Exhibitions” with colour photo

London List (Times)

23 – 29 June 2001
Listing for Sculpture in the Park.

Financial Times

22 November 1999
"Mile End's Monumental Metropolitan Mishmash" - Feature by Alice Rawsthorn (printed in both UK & International editions) 


19 July 1999
"How Green Was My Alley" - Article by Kenneth Powell + photo 

17 July 1999
"Millenni - erm" - Project mentioned with image in Independent Magazine 

The Guardian

17 June 2000
"Green Bridge Opening" - Guardian Guide: Feature with image on the front of the "Events" section. Horn Concerto listed as choice in "Hear This" and also under general classical music listings.

16 June 2000
"Green Bridge illuminates urban wasteland" - Half - page article by John Vidal with 2 images

15 June 2000
"Would you Adam and Eve it?" - Guardian Space: Opening featured on first page with colour image. 

19 July 1999
"Another Cascade of Steel and Glass. What a Waste of Space" - Mentioned positively in article by Jonathan Glancey 

The Guardian Guide

23–29 June 2001
Highlighted listing under “Exhibitions” with colour photo


18 June 2001
Article and black and white photo of Portraits in the Park

4 July 2000
"Why did the Park cross the road? New bridges are having a hard time lately. But the Green Bridge in East London is astonishing." - Half-page article by Giles Worsley and large colour image. 

24 June 2000
"Musicians have a bit of a hoot" - Feature and 2 colour images of opening in "What's On". Motoring section.

Independent on Sunday

18 June 2000
"Car Horns play the "parp in the park" concerto for the Green Bridge" - Large picture with caption of opening 

21 May 2000
"Bridge over the Mile End Road. Why did the park cross the road? In the hope of cheering up one of the grimmer parts of East London" - 4 page magazine article by Fiona Rattray including 11 colour images (mentions opening) 

Sunday Times (Culture)

4 June 2000
"From bank to bank" Included in article on bridges by Hugh Pearman.

National Magazines and Specialist Press

The Illustrated London News

Summer 1999
"London, It's You" - Article by Marcus Binney, mentioning Green Bridge + photo

Arts Industry

29 June 2001
Simon Tait’s Diary entry for Sculpture in the Park

The Artist

Sept/Oct 2001
Feature on Mile End Park.

Classical Music

15 July 2000
Feature and image of Stephen Montague and Green Bridge Opening event.


March 2000
"Overgrowth" - Green Bridge mentioned on front cover. 4 page feature 9 images 


December 1999
"Romancing the Road" - Feature + 3 colour photos 

The Architect's Journal

28 June 2001
Small feature in “Blair’s Design Choices with colour photo of Earth Shelter Building

8 June 2000
"The CZWG designed Green Bridge in Mile End opens next weekend" - 2 colour images with long caption 

4 November 1999
"CZWG's Living Bridge" - News item 

AJ Focus

October 2001
Major feature on Mile End Park

Architecture Week

Summer 2001
Listings for Sculpture in the Park and launch of Earth Shelter Buildings

RIBA journal

June 2001
Photo of Green Bridge in poster produced during Architecture Week for riba awards 2001

Architect, Builder, Contractor & Designer

March 1999
"Parklife" - 1-page article + map and photo 


Summer 2001
Case study on Ecology Centre, Mile End Park 

Building Design

20 July 2001
Article in ‘Back Space’ mentioning redevelopment of park and Sculpture in the Park with colour photo of “Yatra” by Stephen Cox.

23 June 2000
Green Bridge Opening. Long caption and colour image. 

10 December 1999
"New Beginning for Mile End" - Feature + colour photo

Building Magazine

23 June 2000
"The 5.8million Green Bridge at Mile End Park ... has been hit by an £8000 repair bill" - Colour image and long caption 

Building Services Journal

January 2001
‘Going the extra mile’ – feature article with colour photos

Contract Journal

24 Nov 1999
"Christmas Trees" - Colour photo & large caption 

Urban Environment Today

19 August 1999
"Bringing People Back to the Parks" - Article by Anna Penning-Rowsell 

Design Week

29 October 1999
"Down to Earth" - Mention in article by Fay Sweet 

Highways Magazine

Aug/Sept 1999
"Mile End Marvel" - 3-page article + photos + mention on contents page 

Premier Construction Magazine

December 1999 
"Radical Park Leads a Revolution" - Two-page feature + 3 photos

PLACE: Planning in Harmony with the Land

Spring 1999
Feature on Mile End Park

Bridge Update

June 2000
"Green Dream" - Colour image and long caption 

July 1999
"Green Machine" - Colour photo and caption 

New Civil Engineer

15 June 2000
"Green Bridge Opening" - Colour image and listing 

22/29 July 1999 
"Crossing the Road" - Colour photo + caption 

Gardens Illustrated

March 1999
"Breaking New Ground" - Article plus colour photo 

The Garden

October 2001
News story on Mile End Park. 


29 July - 11 August
"Government Hands out £1bn for Regeneration Schemes" - Article by Mark Kleinman + colour photo 

Local Transport Today

22 June 2000
"This week saw the official opening" - Opening as news piece together with the closure of the Millennium Bridge. 

Network 21

Autumn/Winter 2001 
"Park and flyover" - news piece on the Park and Bridge

National Radio and Television

BBC Radio 4 - Today

17 June 2000
Live broadcast during rehearsal of the Horn Concerto, Piers Gough and Stephen Montague. 

BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours

23 May 2000
Interview with Jon Aldenton 

BBC Radio 3 - Nightwaves

12 June 2000
Piers Gough talking at the Green Bridge on site as the first feature of Architecture Week

BBC World Service - Outlook

16 June 2000
Interview with Stephen Montague at the rehearsal for the Green Bridge Horn Concerto. 

Classic FM

14 June 2000
Natalie Wheen interview with Stephen Montague on the Green Bridge Horn Concerto 

BBC 2 - Breakfast News

17 June 2000
"Is this the answer to our urban woes? - Official opening of Green Bridge and Mile End Park previewed at the beginning of the main news as possibly "the answer to our urban woes". Filming included Green Bridge and Park plus interviews with Piers Gough, Jon Aldenton and Stephen Montague conducting the world premiere of the "Green Bridge Horn Concerto". 

BBC 24 Hours News

17 June 2000
As above. Shown throughout day. 
BBC 1 Six O'clock News

21 October 1999
Tree Planting on Bridge (shown on 9.00pm bulletin)
Channel 5 - ITN / Talk TV

23 June 2000
Featured in programme on the East End 

London and Local Press

Evening Standard

21 June 2001
Article by Simon Tait on Sculpture in the Park

25 June 2001
Denise Jones’ response to Simon Tait’s article

20 June 2000
"Jackpot hits and misses. The East End has gained a green space while the West End has lost one" - Full page article with image by Rowan Moore

16 - 22 June 2000
"Green Bridge opening" - Listing of opening in Hot Tickets Magazine no copy available

7 June 2000
"The price is right" - Featured with colour picture in Fay Sweet's article on Architecture Week 

2 March 2000
Mile End Park included in feature about 'where to walk'

6 January 2000
"2000: A Year London Will Never Forget" - Mention in Millennium feature by Simon Jenkins 

21 October 1999
"8.5m Green Bridge Links East End Park" - 'News in brief' article 

24 August 1999
"A Funny Thing Happening on the way to Mile End" Article by Rowan Moore + photo 

Hot Tickets

22-28 June 2001
Listing for Sculpture in the Park

Time Out

27 June 2001
‘Works in Progress at Mile End Park’ - feature with large colour photo.

14-21 June 2000
"Take it to the Bridge" - Opening featured with colour picture as "Capital ideas", listed as "Around Town, Critics' choice" and listed in "Around Town". 

2-9 February 2000
"New London Developments...the exciting projects set to change the face of our city" - Long paragraph on Park in regeneration article

21-28 July 1999
"The Green Bridge" - Colour illustration with caption 

Kids Out

October 2000
"Building 2000: Mile End Park and Somerset House's fabulous fountains" - feature on the Park + 2 colour photos

London Metro

July 2001
Mile End Park in “London Parks to visit”

22 June 2001
Piece on Mile End Festival in “Metro Life”

16 June 2000
"As one bridge closes so another one opens ... and dare we suggest that the Green Bridge at Mile End Park will be even more spectacular that the ill-fated Norman Foster one" - Preview of opening 

22 October 1999 
News Item

What's on in London

29 August 2001
Review about Mile End Park by Mark Wilsher

13 June 2001
Small article in ‘Watch out for this’ on Sculpture in the Park

14-21 June 2000
"The Mile End Green Walk" - Opening featured with colour image and long listing. 

October 1999
Colour article - no copy available

Create 247

August 2001
Article on Sculpture in the Park.

East End Life

30 July – 5 Aug 2001
Colour image of decoy with small piece.

25 June – 1 July 2001
Article on opening of Earth Shelter Buildings and Sculpture in the Park with colour photos.

16 July 2001
“Mile End Park – A Celebration” 12 page colour pull out section with double page spread on Sculpture in the Park; including feature on the Earth Shelter Buildings.

9-15 April 2001
News item about sculptors sought for open-air Summer exibition at Mile End Park.

26 June – 2000
"Musical Opening for Green Bridge" - Front page mention. 1st page article and 3 colour images. News piece, p.3, on potential Sports Hall at Mile End Park 

19 - 25 June 2000
"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's ...The Green Bridge. It looks great and (unlike some) it doesn't wobble" - Front page preview and image. Centre spread supplement "Cross that Bridge when you come to it" - 2-page article and 14 colour images 

12 - 18 June 2000
"Musical opening for Green Bridge" - Preview article 

25 - 31 Oct 1999
"Men in hard hats..." Front page colour photo + long caption + second page colour photo + long caption 

26 July -1 Aug 1999
"Triple funding boost" - Article by Julian Scantlebury + 3 colour photos 

Docklands & Newham Recorder

25 July 2001
Small piece on Carl von Weiler installation

27 June 2001
‘Vandal wrecks work of art’ article by Nick Jury

21 June 2000
"Bridging gap with sound of music" - Front page article and colour image. 
27 October 1999 "5m Green Bridge unveiled" - Front page item (long caption). 

East London Advertiser

4-5 August 2001
Lead for arts page on Sculpture in the Park.

19 July 2001 
Article on Carl von Weilers bed with photo.

28 June 2001
Feature on ‘Mile End Festival’ and small article on ‘Poetry in the Park’ with colour photos.

22 June 2000
"Green for Go! Mile End Park's new Bridge opens" - Full page article with 6 images 

15 June 2000
"Pedal power pushes beigals and bridges" - Preview with 2 images 

28 October 1999
"Green for go" - Article + photo 

22 July 1999
"Beam us up" - Article by Chris Taylor + 5 photos 

14 January 1999
"What a shambles ... Mile End Park: Has the Dream Faded?" - Article by Anna Mainwaring + 5 photos 

Docklands News

May 1999
"A Bridge Too Far Out" - Article with 3 colour photos 

Docklands Festival - Discovering East London

June 2001
Double page spread on ‘Mile End and More - 


December 1999  
"Park Life" - Feature + photo

CSD News

July 2001
Feature on Mile End Park

June 2000
"Milestone for Mile End Park" - Front page article with large image and listing of Green Bridge opening.


June 2001
Article on Sculpture in the Park

Regional Radio & Television

GLR / BBC London Live

29 June 2001
Interview with Denise Jones on Robert Elms Show

26 June 2001
Interviewed Jon Aldenton & Nadim Karam on launch of Sculpture in the Park and Earth Shelter Buildings

15 June 2000
Interview with Jon Aldenton 

20 October 1999 
Jon Aldenton interviewed 

19 July 1999
Piers Gough and Cllr Denise Jones interviewed 


21 June 2001
Interviewed Denise Jones re vandalism at park

18 June 2001
Nadim Karam and Michael Patrick Interview

16 June 2000
Julia Somerville Show - interview with Jon Aldenton and Stephen Montague. 
London Radio Service

17 June 2000
Amanda Redman reporting from the Green Bridge on the Horn Concerto and all aspects of the opening event. Stephen Montague and Jon Aldenton interviewed. 

Sunrise Radio

29 June 2001
Interview with Cllr Ataur Rahman

BBC Newsroom South East

20 June 2001
Interview with Denise Jones, Jon Aldenton, Nadim Karam and Lawson Oyekan

17 June 2000
Opening of the Green Bridge including shots of the Horn Concerto. 

16 June 2000
Breakfast, lunch and evening news including interview with Jon Aldenton. 

20 October 1999
BBC Breakfast News item 

19 July 1999
Piers Gough and Cllr Denise Jones interviewed re Bridge and Park (shown on bulletins throughout day) 


22 June 2001
Interview with Denise Jones also featuring Nadim, Bill Furlong, Lawson, and Coxs’ work and the Green Bridge

24 May 2000
Interview with Jon Aldenton on Green Bridge and Mile End Park 

20 October 1999
Jon Aldenton interviewed (shown twice) 

19 July 1999
Piers Gough and Cllr Denise Jones interviewed - may have been shown more than once

LLTV (Local Life Television)

14 July 2000
Entire half-hour programme broadcast from the Park. Interviews with Richard Tiddiman (East London Advertiser), Jon Aldenton and Gary Cummings (LCC).


May - June 2000
"Green Belt" - Feature with colour image

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