Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens

Lower Beeding, Horsham

Leonardslee, which was owned and maintained by the Loder family, was one of the last great private gardens in England. The garden was begun in 1801, and Sir Edmund Loder began enlarging it from 1899. This 240 acre valley boasted possibly the finest collection of mature rhododendrons, azaleas, choice trees and shrubs in Europe.

Additional attractions included "Beyond the Dolls House", a unique exhibition showing in miniature the workings of an Edwardian country estate and market town, and a world class collection of Victorian cars.

Sculpture For The Garden, a special exhibition created by Lianne Jarrett Associates for Leonardslee’s 2008 season, included over thirty works by highly talented U.K. sculptors. It gave visitors an insight into art for the garden and the landscape. 

Press Coverage
National Newspapers

The Times

14 April 2007
‘Seeds of Change’ – The Times Magazine (Saturday) double page spread with three images, by Anne Gatti 

14 May 2005
Leonardslee highlighted as garden to visit in feature on Rhododendron gardens by Mark Griffiths

12 April 2003
Featured in Easter gardens for family visits

6 May 2000
Featured, with image, in “Gardens to Visit”

1 May 1999
Feature in “Gardens to Visit”

23 May 1998
Large feature, with 5 images

Sunday Times

15 May 2005
Full page feature on Leonardslee, with four colour images, by Caroline Donald.

2 May 1999
"Cuttings" feature in Style Magazine

29 March 1998
"Cuttings" feature in Style Magazine

Daily Telegraph

3 May 2007
‘Sun sets park ablaze’ – half-page image with short text

19 July 2003
Large feature on Leonardslee, with image: “Behind the Dolls House”, Victorian motor cars and the gardens

30 September 2000
The names behind our famous plants: Rhodedendron Loderi King George. Feature on the history of the flower and Sir Edmund Loder

29 April 2000
“Wallabies keep warm”. Half-page image of wallabies with caption in T2

17 April 1999
“Where to see the best azaleas”


3 May 2008
Featured in Andy Sturgeon's 'Anatomy of the Garden'

24 April 2002
Colour photograph by Roger Bamber of early blooming azaleas in "And it's still only April"


Summer 2004
Featured in ‘Renaissance’ supplement: “A world in miniature”, with image

9 January 2000
Recommended by Monty Don in his feature on bonsai


7 June 1999
Image, with caption

1 June 1998
Article on Robin Loder and Victorian cars, with large image

25 May 1998
Monday picture – large image of rhododendrons

Daily Mail

20 April 2000
“Mother’s little pouch potato”. Large image and feature on wallabies.


December 2000
Nursery Focus on Leonardslee plants and colour image in Alan Titchmarsh column

3 October 1998
Diary feature on bonsai, with image

Sunday Express

9 May 1999
"How to get the best rhododendrons and camellias"

National magazines and specialist coverage

Which? Gardening Magazine

May 2007
Part of ‘Garden visits: Woodland Gardens’ – image and boxed text

Country Life

22 March 2007
Front page lead-in (Leonardslee Park: A centenary of colour); ‘Vibrant Vistas’ - six page feature with seven images (three full page), by Anthony Noel

18 May 2006
Double page spread with large photograph of Tom and Mary with the 1898 Fisson

Dolls House and Miniature Scene

June 2004
Four pages, with images

June 2003
Double page spread, with images

June 2001
Front cover “Behind the Doll’s House” 2 pages, with images

American Miniaturist

June 2004
Fourteen page feature. “How Helen’s village has blossomed”

Motoring and Leisure

April 2003
1/3 of a page, with images

Classic Cars

July 2002
Feature on restored Armstrong Car

March 2002
Feature on restoration of Armstrong Car

English Garden

May 2004
Four page feature, with colour images

January 2000
Short feature on Doll's House exhibition, with image

May 1999
"Rhododendron Time" long diary listing, with image

May 1998
Short feature on Bonsai weekend, with image

Radio Times

22 April 2000
Included, with image, in article on the best gardens to visit in late spring.

BBC Gardener's World Magazine

Spring 2006
Leonardslee will be featured in a piece on Rhododendron gardens by Justin Lambert 

h3. Your Garden

April 2000
“Family Outing" Short feature, with image

May 2007
Gardening Which included, with image, in 'Woodland Gardens' feature

Garden Inspirations

May 2000

Gardens Illustrated

April 2000

Garden News

27 May 1998
Full page feature, with two images

Period Living

October 2002
Behind the Dolls House

Home & Country

April 2000
Featured in “Notebook” page, with image

The Lady

May 2000

Dolls House Magazine

September 2004
Large feature with colour images on “Behind the Doll’s House”

July 2004
Preview piece on Dolls House Enthusiasts’ Weekend

October 1999
FRONT COVER and seven page article on “Behind the Dolls House” at Leonardslee, with seventeen images

Dolls House World

July 2004
Preview piece on Dolls House Enthusiasts’ Weekend

May 2004
2 page feature on guide book to Behind the Dolls House, with colour images

July 2003
4 page article, with 8 images, on Helen Holland and “Behind the Dolls House”

August 1999
FRONT COVER and 8 page article on Helen Holland and "Behind the Doll's House" at Leonardslee, with images

March 2007
Coach Touring Magazine, included in 'Gardens&Flower Shows' with photograph

Tourer Magazine

May 1998
Feature, with three images


Summer 1998
Eight page article, with colour images

Miniaturas, Construccion y Coleccionismo

July 2006 
'Behind the Dolls House' feature by Madelva Fernandez de Rojas

International Coverage

Doll Magazine

August/September 2005
Photos of "Behind the Dolls House" in News Section.



Gardeners’ World (BBC 1)

October 2003
Leonardslee included in programme

The Weather Programme (BBC 1)

23 October 1997
10 minute feature on bonsai and Leonardslee Gardens in Autumn

Collector’s Lot (Channel 4)

Spring 2001
Feature on Victorian cars


BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

4 August 2005
Repeated "Behind the Dolls House" feature with Helen Holland

July 2003
Feature on “Behind the Dolls House” and Helen Holland

Local and regional

West Sussex Gazette

5 August 2004
“Capturing estate life in miniature”. Feature on Behind the Dolls House, with image, by Phil Hewitt

24 June 2004
“Swanning around at Leonardslee”. Half page colour image with caption on FRONT PAGE

6 May 2004
Full page. “A weekend visit to lovely Leonardslee”. Colour image and caption

Evening Standard

31 May 2002
Feature by David Williams on Armstrong Car at Leonardslee Gardens, with two images


11-12 August 2007
Photo and text included in article about Lorraine Harrison's book, '20 Sussex Gardens'

9 April 2007
‘Welcome to the Dollywood’ – double page spread with nine images, by Andy Whelan

15 May 2006
'Everything in the Garden is Lovely'- colour photograph with editorial

31 May 2006
Colour images on Letters page: A lovely Sussex Garden

22 April 2006
Helen Holland, model maker, full page with interview and colour photograph

1 April 2006
Full page profile of Mary Davies with large image

29 March 2006
Full page article on Tom and Mary taking over the running of Leonardslee with image

7 June 2005
Business profile on Leonardslee. Full page with images, by James Lancaster 

4 June 2005
"It's my life" - Full page interview with Ken Norman, with image.

4 May 2005
Piece, with image, on special Bonsai weekend

March 2005
Small item with image 

30 July 2004
“Paradise Found”. Image of wallabies

29 May 2004
Description of gardens in Sussex including Leonardslee, with image

20 April 2004
Half page image of black swans

23 May 2003
Double page feature on Helen Holland and “Behind the Dolls House”, with six images

19 April 2003
The Saturday Interview with Robin Loder. Four pages, with images

15 April 2003
Large image, with caption, of wallaby with baby in pouch

Spring 2003
Garden feature on Leonardslee

29 May 2002
Feature on Armstrong car, with image

27 April 2002
“Leonardslee is in full spring bloom”: feature, with image

30 December 2000
Feature and image on wallabies in the snow

4 May 2000
"50-year-old plant blossoms for the first time". ½ page feature, with two images, on The Pocket Handkerchief Tree.

3 May 2000
“The fastest 105 year old around”. Half-page article, with two images, on the arrival of the antique Armstrong car at Leonardslee

10 June 1999
Article on "Behind the Doll's House" at Leonardslee, with three images

7 June 1999
Leonardslee feature, with image, included in article on summer

14 May 1999
Front page feature on wallabies, with two images

8 April 1999
Image of Robin Loder, with caption

10 October 1998
Full page feature on Leonardslee in autumn, with two images

4 June 1998
Image and long caption on Victorian cars

21 May 1998
Feature, with image, of gardens

This is Brighton

29 June 2004
"Green and pleasant land": Information about Leonardslee, how to get there & admissions, with image

Chatsworth Hotel Magazine

27 February 2007

"Leonardslee" - Two-page feature with six images, by Nicholas Hopkins

Sussex Life

May 2004
“Glorious May Gardens” with very large colour image

May 2003
“Glorious Sussex Gardens. Meet the Loders”. Three pages, with three images

May 2002
Double page feature on Leonardslee Gardens, with six images. Plus image on front of House and Gardens section

July 2000
Houses & Gardens: Diary listing

May 2000
Three page article, with seven images

September 1999
Houses & Gardens: Diary listing, with large image

May 1999
Houses & Gardens: Diary listing

County Life

Spring 2005
News item 

August 2003
Robin Loder: My working day. Full page feature, with image

July 2002
Feature, with image, on Armstrong Car

May 2002
Front cover image plus double page feature, with three images

Brighton & Hove Life

August 2003
Robin Loder: My working day. Full page feature, with image

May 2002
Mention on front cover, plus double page feature with three photographs

Latest Homes

6-12 May 2008
Front cover and page editorial with 4 images

8-14 April 2008
Double page spread about 'Sculpture for the Garden'

Sussex Motoring

6 June 2002
Feature on Armstrong car and photographs in Mid Sussex Times and Sussex Express

West Sussex County Times

31 March 2006
Feature with images on Twins, Tom Loder and Mary Davies 

13 August 2004
“Life in market town revealed in miniature”. Images of Dolls House exhibition

6 August 2004
“Miniature town on display at Gardens”. Feature, with image

7 May 2004
Item on Victorian cars, with image

April 2004
Feature on Leonardslee, with image

May 2003
Feature with large image

25 April 2003
Image, with caption, of wallaby with baby in pouch

31 May 2002
Image, with caption, of Armstrong car

5 January 2001
Article, with four images, on wallabies in the snow

31 July 1998
Article on Victorian cars, with image

1 May 1998
Image of gardens

English Tourist Guide Association

The “Behind the Dolls House” Exhibition at Leonardslee

What’s New for the Year 2000 at Leonardslee?

Biggleswade Chronicle

31 May 2002
Feature on Armstrong car with image

South Today (BBC1)

29 May 2002
Feature on Armstrong car as it makes its first outing in Leonardslee Gardens

Look East (BBC1)

24 May 2002
Feature on Armstrong Car as it makes its first outing in Bedfordshire

Anglia (ITV)

24 May 2002
Feature on Armstrong Car as it makes its first outing in Bedfordshire

Meridian (ITV)

10 May 2000
"Grass Roots" feature on Leonardslee. (Repeated on 14 May 2000)

9 November 1999
Feature in "Gardens of the Millennium"

29 April 1999
Grass Roots Feature on Leonardslee

April 1998
Spring feature

LLTV (Local Life Television)

6 June 2000
Feature on Victorian cars

15 May 2000
Feature on Leonardslee Gardens (repeated on 17 May and 19 May 2000)

BBC Southern Counties Radio

11 April 2007
Tom Loder appeared as part of 'Battle of Sussex' feature

23 March 2006
Twenty minute interview with Tom Loder and Mary Davies

April 2005
Robin Loder live in studio as "Guest of the Day" on Breakfast programme.

May 2005
Ken Norman live in studio as "Guest of the Day" on Breakfast programme

7 May 2002
Interview with Robin Loder about Leonardslee Gardens and Armstrong car

28 May 1998
Various features on gardens, cars and “Behind the Dolls House”

Coastway Hospital Radio

27 May 2002
Feature on Armstrong car as it makes its first outing in Leonardslee Gardens

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