Hidden Treasures of the Mary Rose

A major exhibition celebrating the quincentenary of Henry VIII’s accession to the throne

Whitgift Conference Centre, South Croydon; 7th April – 1st September 2009

This important exhibition included over 200 rare objects from Henry VIII’s favourite flagship, the Mary Rose, many of which had never before been on public display. It was the first time that a major part of this world-class collection left Portsmouth.

The Mary Rose sank in 1545 in the Battle of the Solent. She was raised in 1982 and her collection is a unique time capsule. Following the successful recovery of the ship, as well as the 19,000 artefacts on board, a fascinating story of life on the vessel was revealed. 

In the exhibition, Tudor artefacts from the ship - many in 'mint' condition - covered the full range of the Mary Rose Collection. Exhibits included clothing, jewellery, personal possessions, money, domestic utensils, furniture, musical instruments, medical equipment, navigational apparatus, weapons of warfare, tools, rigging and wood from the ship. The exhibition also showed, for the first time, faces of crew members. This was achieved through sophisticated computer-generated-imagery linked to high quality forensic science, resulting in heads based on the original skulls.

Press Coverage
National Newspapers

The Times

7 April 2009
Piece by Simon Tait Register section,with images, on the possible new attribution of an engraving in the British Museum to the 'Great Harry'.


23 March 2009 (also online with different images)
Large feature with two photographs , entitled ‘Revealed: the man who may have sunk the Mary Rose’, about the reconstructed heads in the Exhibition. 

Mail Online

23 March 2009
Online feature with several photographs, about the reconstructed heads in the Exhibition. 


Time Out

2 – 8 April 2009
Full page article by Peter Watts in ‘Around Town’ section, with four images.

AI Magazine

10 April 2009
Three page feature on Exhibition, by Simon Tait, with two large images and mention on front cover of magazine.

Your Dog 

March 2009
News item with photograph, about the call for dog guides to take part in the Exhibition’s education programme.

Country Life

1 April 2009
Listed, with image in ‘unmissable events this week’ section.

On Track Magazine

June 2009 issue
Piece by Kate Shaw 

British Archaeology Magazine

September/October 2009
Extended Exhibition opening highlighted in the 'in brief' section of magazine

National Television and Radio

BBC1: The One Show

25 March 2009
Live outside broadcast, presented by Gyles Brandreth, including the reconstructed head of the Bosun, dog guides, artefacts and a performance by singers from Whitgift School.

BBC Radio 4: Front Row

20 February
Feature by John Wilson, recorded in Portsmouth, highlighting artefacts featured in the Exhibition which have not before been on public display.

h2. Regional Press and Media

Surrey Life

April 2009
Large, five page feature by Matthew Williams, with several images. Also highlighted on the front cover.

Latest 7

30 June - 6 July 2009
Front cover, with full page feature about the Exhibition, with seven images.

Croydon Guardian

31 March 2009 
Large feature by Graham Moody, with several images. 

20 January 2009
News item by Peter Truman about the call for dog guides to take part in the Exhibition’s education programme.

Croydon Advertiser

19 January 2009
News item announcing the Exhibition will be coming to Croydon.

25 March 2009
Short piece highlighting that the One Show visited the Exhibition, with photograph.

Your Croydon Magazine

April 2009
Feature, with highlighted section with visitor information.

BBC Radio London

27 March 2009
Feature by Elsa Griffiths of highlights of the Exhibition included in The Breakfast Show with Joanne Good and Paul Ross.

6 April 2009
Dr. Christopher Barnett interviewed live on the Robert Elms Show.

BBC Radio Solent

7 April 2009
Interview with Dr. Christopher Barnett included in news bulletins throughout the day.

ITV Meridian

10 March 2009
Feature by Sarah Gomme about artefacts being packed up to be moved to South Croydon for the Exhibition.