Cecile Gilbert

Cecile Gilbert, who launched her Tiki range of jewellery in 2012, was selected as one of International Jewellery London KickStarters of 2016. Her medium is polyester resin, which she combines with oxidised sterling silver. 


Inspired by Bakelite jewellery of the 1920s and mid 20th century design, Cecile has created a range of contemporary designs that reflect those qualities, whilst adding a 21st century sophistication. She has developed cut-out and recasting techniques in her resin work, which allow her to experiment with geometric shapes and patterns. Her ranges include bangles, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and brooches.


Stripes and patterns are created by firstly casting a piece of jewellery in one colour. The item is then cut into segments, a number of which are delicately incised and cleaned, and then placed back into the original mould. The spaces in between are filled with a contrasting binding colour of resin to produce the final shape, once cured. The item is then worked, firstly on a band sander and finally hand sanded through four grades before polishing. All fittings are in sterling silver which is soldered, oxidised and lightly brushed with finest grade wire wool.


Necklaces are bold, earrings and brooches are eye catching and bangles are produced in a range of attractive shapes. Cecile mixes her own pigments to get the exact hue and shade that she requires, and her collections come in different colour combinations, including coral pink, olive green, jet black ivory white. 



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