Brighton Festival

​Lianne Jarrett set up the Press and Marketing Department for Brighton Festival, the largest mixed arts festival in England, in 1985. 


The Festival - a programme of innovative dance, international theatre, literature, visual arts, classical and contemporary music, community and children's activities, with world premieres and exclusive appearances - remained a client until 2002. During this time, Lianne Jarrett Associates established and ran the press and media campaign for this entire event.

Press Coverage
Coverage for 2001 included:


18 May
Boris Godunov – review

14 May
Boris Godunov – listing

Ensemble Tozai - feature on Gavin Bryars mentioning Brighton date

21 April
Brighton Festival – ‘What’s on When’ listing

26 February
High Art - Seaside festival draws on chimneys; black and white picture of Michael Munday on rooftops. 

Guardian Guide

26 – 1 June
Machiko Agano Installation at Fabrica & Textural Space–listings; 1984 – listings; Marlena Shaw – listings; Mirrorman – listings; Orchestre National
D’ile De France – listing

19 – 25 May
Ixion, New Music Players & Bailey, Barb Jungr & Mari Wilson, Machiko Agano, Textural Space, Antony Gormley, DV Entertainment, Blush, Kim 
Itoh + The Glorious Future – Listings; Don Weller – ‘Hear This!’ listing; 1984 ‘See This!’ listing; NDT2 – ‘See This!’ listing

12 – 18 May
NDT2 – small article in Dance, colour photo; Spotlight Southeast, Antonio Forcione Trio, Ian Hamer, Ensemble Tozai, Il Re Pastore, Tom Poster,
Apollo Saxophone Quartet, Dido and Aeneas, Galliard Wind Ensemble, Glyndebourne, Philhormonia/Atherton/Maxwell Davies, Maria João Pires, 
Tippett Trio, Boris Godunov, Cover Yourself, Who Goes There? – listings

5 - 11 May
Small article on Festival music in Music, colour photo; Festival music mentioned under ‘Classical & Opera’; Joe Lovano – ‘Hear This!’ listings; Parsons 
Dance Co – small article in Dance, colour photo and listed in ‘See This!’ Ian Shaw & Claire Martin, Dave Green Trio, City of London Sinfonia/Hickox, 
Alban Berg Quartet, Duncan Gifford, Felicity Lott & Ann Murray, Goldner Quartet, Sarah Field, La Traviata, Aina Kalciema, Barbara Bonney, 
Children’s Parade, Machiko Agano, Asian Art 2000, Feast For The Eyes, Anthony Gormley, Textural Space, Richard Whadcock, Cover Yourself, 
Who Goes There? – listings

28 April - 4 May
Festival - small article in Exhibitions, in particular mentions Japanese visual arts exhibitions - with details in listings, colour photo; Asian Art 
2000, Machiko Agano, Contemporary Japanese Textile Art, Frederic Bererd, David Burgess, Francesca Cho, Feast For The Eyes, Antony 
Gormley, Renate Grant, Bill Hodgson, Richard Whadcock - listings


3 June
Le Martyrdom de St Sebastien - review

20 May
Boris Godunov - review

19 Nov 2000
Feature in ‘Escape pull-out guide to arts festivals in 2001’; Moshi Moshi recommended under ‘where to eat’; Brighton shown on map of arts festival 
venues; colour photo of NDT2 on front of section, other colour images of Alban Berg Quartet, Barbara Bonney, Nederlands Dance Theatre. 

Observer Magazine

6 May
Small Brighton Festival feature under ‘Go See’, colour photo

Financial Times

4 June
Boris Godunov - review

9 May
Antarctic Symphony, review with Brighton date mentioned

5 May
Festival mentioned in article about Japan 2001; Textural Space – listing, plus mention of ‘Japanese authors’ at the Festival

30 April
‘Openings’ slot giving overview

13/14 Jan
‘Strolling players and roving salesmen’. Feature on UK literary festivals including Brighton Festival. Colour image of Maya Angelou

The Times

6 June
Le Martyrdom de St Sebastien - review

18 May
Boris Godunov – review mentioning the Festival, large b/w photo

15 May
Parsons Dance Co. – review mentions the Corn Exchance, b/w photo; Brighton Youth Orchestra – review; La Traviata – review

May 9
La Traviata listed under ‘play choice’; Adam Phillips, Sophie Marceau, Margaret Atwood under ‘Book events’; NDT2, New Music Players, Ixion, [rout]
- listings

8 May
Antarctic Symphony, review and date mentioned; Who Goes There? listed under ‘play choice’

5 May
By the sea, a festival without peer – roundup article, colour photo

1 May
Boris Godunov – review (Moscow, b/w photo of Declan Donnellan, large colour photo, date mentioned

31 March
Feature in ‘Britain's Best Literary Festivals’ on Literature and Debate in Brighton Festival

Times Play

19 – 25 May
New Music Weekend, small article under ‘Classical Choice’ and colour photo of Michael Finnissy

12-18 May
Preview of Textural Space, NDT2 with colour photos; 

5 – 11 May
The Drummers of Burundi, small article under ‘World Choice’ mentioning Brighton date, colour photo; ‘Brighton Festival’ mini-article featuring Parsons 
Dance Co under ‘The five best productions nationwide’, colour photo, and mentioning Passage.

London List (The Times)

26 May -1 June
Textural Space, David Thomas, Orchestre National d’ile France – listings

19 – 25 May
Antony Gormley, Textural Space, Best Disco in Town 4, Blush, Kim Itoh + The Glorious Future, NDT2, 1984, Bare, Designs for Living – listings

12 – 18 May
NDT2 under ‘The five best productions nationwide’, colour photo; Textural Space under ‘Best shows nationwide’; Apollo Saxophone Quartet, Ensemble 
Tozai, Galliard Wind Ensemble, Philharmonia/Atherton/Maxwell Davies, Maria João Pires, Tom Poster, Tippett Trio, Antony Gormley, Rankin, 
Textural Space, Boris Godunov, Cover Yourself, Who Goes There?, NDT2, Passage, Dido and Aeneas, Il Re Pastore – Listings

5 – 11 May
Barbara Bonney under ‘The Week in Two Minutes’, colour photo; Machiko Agano, Asian Art 2000, Feast For The Eyes, Antony Gormley, Renate 
Grant, Rankin, Textural Space, Richard Whadcock, Brighton Dance Company, Who Goes There? - listings

Daily Telegraph

25 May
Vertavo Quartet - review

21 May
Boris Godunov – review, b/w photo

19 May
Dance Choice listing, mentioning NDT2 and Kim Itoh + The Glorious Future; Vertavo Quartet – listing

12 May
Travel article : A walk through Brighton & Hove at Festival time. Maria João Pires, NDT2,Oliver Postgate - listings

10 May
Boris Godunov – feature, b/w photo

8 May
Maxwell Davies - listing

5 May
General Festival, Irvine Welsh, Parsons Dance Co – listings

The Sunday Times - Culture

27 May
Boris Godunov – review and small colour photo

20 May
Lyric Quartet, Apartment House – listings; NDT2 – listing, colour photo; Noel Fielding under ‘This week, don’t miss’

9 May
La Traviata Play Choice Listing. NDT2 listing. Sophie Marceau, Margaret Atwood, Adam Phillips listings under book events. Festival Music listings.

Sunday Telegraph

13 May
Maria João Pires – listing

6 May
Textural Space – review, colour photo Alban Berg Quartet, Barbara Bonney – Critics’ Choice listing

29 April
Textural Space & Machiko Agano – Critics’ Choice listing 

The Independent

29 May
Brighton Festival Chorus - review

24 May
Kim Itoh – review

23 May
Contemporary Classical Music Weekend – review

18 May
Galliard Wind Ensemble , NDT2 – listing

17 May
Ensemble Tozai, Rosemary Lee, Robert Reich, Courtney Pine listings

16 May
Tom Poster, Boris Godunov – listings

14 May
Textural Space, Maria João Pires, George Monbiot, DV Entertainment - listings

11 May
Barbara Bonney, Aina Kalciema - listings

10 May
Parsons Dance Co. – review

9 May
Boris Godunov – review with Brighton date mentioned, colour photo; Goldner Quartet – listing, Antartic Symphony – review with Brighton date

8 May
Carlos Fuentes – listing

7 May
Simon Singh, Elizabeth Jane Howard, Felicity Lott & Ann Murray, All-comers Ceilidh – listings

5 May
Guide to Best of Bank Holiday Weekends - Brighton Festival paragraph, b/w photo

The Independent Information

26 May - 1 June
Amy’s View, 1984, Marlena Shaw, Orchestre Nationale D’Ile De France - listings

19 –25 May
Brighton Festival, Asian Art 2000, Boris Godunov, 1984, Designs for Living, Bare – listings; Mackerel Fair - What to Do this Weekend; Richard Ford, 
Margaret Atwood, Adam Thorpe and William Rivière, Agnes Desarthe and Sophie Marceau, Germaine Greer, Tobias Hill and Robert Edric, 
Vertavo Quartet, Kim Itoh + The Glorious Future, John Shuttleworth - listings; Noel Fielding – Gig of the Week + colour photo

12 – 18 May
Boris Godunov, Who Goes There?, Duke of York’s Cinema Programme, East Brighton Park Fireworks, NDT2, DV Entertainment, Arnold Brown 
Stands Up, Il Re Pastore, Dido and Aeneas, Jeanette Winterson, Roy Porter, Alberto Manguel, George Monbiot, Terry Waite, Robert Reich, 
Adam Phillips, Textural Space, Machiko Agano, Asian Art 2000 – listings; Annie Proulx – Pick of the Week + b/w photo

5-11 May
Children’s Parade, Streets of Brighton, Who Goes There?, Joe Lovano, Ian Shaw & Claire Martin, City of London Sinfonia & Hickox, Felicity Lott 
& Ann Murray, Barbara Bonney, Goldner Quartet, Alban Berg Quartet; Brighton Festival – 2 colour photos and paragraph in ‘Going Out’, ‘Event of 
the Week’ in Books section + colour photo, ‘What To Do This Weekend’ in Children’s section + colour photo.

The Independent on Sunday

20 May
Rosemary Lee – review; Boris Godunov - review

6 May
Sticky - listing in Choice.

Daily Express

4 May
Textural Space – review, Fright Knight – preview

Sunday Express

29 April
Travel feature on Brighton & Hove at Festival time, large article with B&W photos

Daily Mail

18 May
Michael Coveney – review of Brighton Festival including Boris Godunov and review of Lunchtime Concert

Evening Standard

18 May
Boris Godunov - review

Times Literary Supplement

Boris Godunov review

Evening Standard (Hot Tickets)

11- 17 May  
Il Re Pastore – listing

4 – 10 May
Small colour photo of programme on inside cover. Large piece on Festival Highlights in Leisure and colour photo of programme. Mentions Parsons Dance 
Company, Boris, Who Goes There, Philharmonia, Courtney Pine, Annie Proulx, Cottle & Austin Electric Circus and Fiveways La Traviata - Listing

The Stage

27 Sep 2000
Festival seeks aid of Brighton businesses. Article on sponsorship.(no original copy in file) What's on in London

2 – 9 May  
Large General article on Festival, including colour images of Parsons, 5-Ways, NDT2,Courtney Pine, and Streets of Brighton.

London Metro

4 May
Small piece on festival highlights with small colour photo.

BBC Music Magazine

Festival Highlights. 

Full page on luxury weekend for 2 competition at Brighton Festival with 3 colour photos mentioning opening concert with City of London Sinfonia
and Brighton Festival Chorus, The Grand, and general information on the Festival.

Classical Music

12 May
Brighton Festival in Festival feature – no copy available


Photo of Richard Hickox and City of London Sinfonia; classical listings including City of London Sinfonia, Alban Berg Quartet, Felicity Lott, Anne
Murray, Graham Johnson, Barbara Bonney, Tasmin Little, Philharmonia Orchestra, Maria Joao Pires, Dido and Aeneas, Songs and Sonnets, Martyrdom of 
St Sebastien.

Classic FM Magazine

Preview of The Martyrdom of St Sebastien with photo of James Wilby.

Music and Opera Magazine

Rejoice in the Lamb, Dichterliebe (Bonney), Antarctic Symphony, Piano Sonata (Pires), Il Re Pastore, Le Martyrdom de Saint Sebastien listings

Operabase (internet)

Felicity Lott, Ann Murray, La Traviata, Bonney, Il Re Pastore, Dido and Aeneas, Mark Padmore, The Martyrdom de Saint Sebastien - listings

Review of Kim Itoh


Small piece with colour photo in News Extra on Blush

Time Out

18th April
Front cover and 11 pages of features on Brighton including Festival Highlights – Open Houses, Parsons Dance Co., Philharmonia Orchestra, Alban
Berg Quartet, Brighton Jazz Bop, Boris Godunov, Parsons Dance Company 

Marie Claire

Colour photos Streets of Brighton, Irvine Welsh, Courtney Pine, David Thomas - listings 


Feature on Fiveways. 

Escape Routes

5 May
Brighton Festival Article. 

In Britain

Large general colour article entitled Brighton Rocks with listings and small colour photos of Festival highlights. 

Dream Journeys

(British Airways Magazine London-Tokyo)
Brighton International Festival listing (in Japanese) 

Arts Business

26 August
Paragraph on Nick Dodds’ appointment and small photo. 

The Artist

Fiveways Group – listing kk

Visiting Artist

Spring 2001
general review of Matsuri, with Brighton date mentioned 


Small Festival listing under Nation Wide Events

Room Magazine (Ikea)

Small piece and colour photo on Children’s Parade

RA Magazine

Spring Tactile textile - Article on Textural Space exhibition plus colour photo.

Homes and Gardens

Mention of Brighton Festival in Diary plus photo. No copy available

Big Issue

30 April – 6 May
Small preview and colour photo of Boris Godunov Who Goes There, Bare – listings

Jewish Chronicle

18 May
Small article on Garden of Earthly Delights exhibition at Montpelier Hall

20 April
Small article about Jewish involvement in Festival incl Brighton & Hove Hebrew Congregation

23 March
Small piece on Darren Abrahams singing in Mozart opera Il Re Pastore at Brighton Festival

BBC Food & Travel Magazine

Listing for Brighton Festival under Events for May

review of Matsuri across Britain, including paragraph about Brighton Festival article on Textural Space touring exhibition

Overseas Publications

New York Times

Brighton Festival featured in roundup of International festivals;
Boris Godunov also featured in overseas publications::L’Express; Trouw; De Telegraaf; De Volkskrant

Radio and Television

Classic FM

19 April
Interview with Nick Dodds

Radio 5

14 May
Blue Skies - Full programme from Brighton Festival recorded and presented by Peter Nunn; Broadcast from the Friends Centre during the 
Poetry Oscars; Interviewees: Nick Dodds, Pippa Smith, also, general atmosphere and activity; Also from Fiveways, at Annalies Clarke’s house.
Live music from Brighton Youth Orchestra; Interviews with the Fiveways Artists.

Radio 4

14 May
Book Club – programme broadcast from Brighton Festival with Annie Proulx, James Naughtie and Waterstone’s Festival readers group

12 May
Loose Ends – programme broadcast from Brighton Festival; With Ned Sherrin. Featuring: Val Guest, Louise Rennison, Oliver Postgate and Simon
Fanshawe; Music from: Brighton based Blue Hearts, Herbie Flowers and Richard Durrant; Also, comedian: Stephen Grant.

8 May
Just a Minute broadcast from Brighton Festival (two programmes). Featuring: Jenny Eclair, Paul Merton, Clement Freud + Julian Clary

8 May
Building Stories – Four programmes produced by Pier Productions for Brighton Festival. Broadcast on Short Story slot; Four authors living in
locality were commissioned to write short stories inspired by famous Brighton landmarks (West Pier, Theatre Royal, Brighton Station and 
Wykeham Terrace). The broadcasts were made from these locations.

Radio 3

17 May
Nightwaves with Paul Allen - Boris Godunov

15 May
In Tune – feature on Ensemble Tozai

4 May
In Tune - interview with Nick Dodds , Sarah Field and Simon Lepper at start of Festival. Field and Lepper also played three pieces.

Radio 2 Arts Programme

19 April
Radio 2 Arts Programme - Interview with Nick Dodds

BBC World Service

Colin Grant’s interviews with: Alberto Manguel, NDT2 and Susana Baca

BBC1 Weekend Watchdog

25 May
Filmed from Cottle and Austen’s ‘Electric Circus’

Millennium 7 TV

22 May
Fiveways - Filmed at Annalies Clarke’s Open House and interviewed Annalies; Interviewed Helen Grundy at Textural Space and administrator at 
Fabrica; Interview with Dave Reeves, Zap Productions on seafront; Interview with Nick Dodds outside Royal Pavilion; Interview with Kim Itoh


23 May
Weather from Brighton Pier
h3. British Satellite TV (broadcast around the world, not in England)

9 May
Filmed at Textural Space and Fabrica; Interview with Nick Dodds on sea front; Filming of Sarah Field and Simon Lepper Lunchtime Concert at Friends 
Centre; General Filming around Brighton


Evening Argus

29 May
The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastien, David Thomas, Yoram Ish-Hurwitz – reviews

28 May
Winner of window display competition with 3 colour photos

26/27 May
Matsuri – preview & colour photo; Mirror Man – preview

25 May
Alexandra Wood & Huw Watkins, preview in News Review; Limited Editions & artist Michael Baker & colour Photo, article in What’s On

24 May
Theatre and Beyond – preview; Blush – preview and colour photo; Fringe Round – Up; Reviews including Bare & b/w photo; 1984; Umbrella What’s on

23 May
Reviews including: Kim Itoh and the Glorious Future; Susana Baca with b/w photo; Touch Two Thousand and One; Umbrella reviews; Fringe Round

22 May
Reviews including: Galliard Wind Ensemble; The King’s Consort; Biosphere/Fennez/ Hazard; Apollo Saxophone Quartet & colour photo; Castle 
Services provide Japanese Style School dinner; Fringe Round – Up; What’s On

21 May
The Mackerel Fair & colour photo; Reviews; Fringe Round Up; What’s On

19/20 May
Discovering Japan Exhibition – preview; JAPAN – HAI! 2001 Festival Window Competition & 2 colour photos; Margaret Atwood and Richard Ford – 
Preview; Fringe Round – Up

18 May
Reviews including: Terry Waite; Il Re Pastore & colour photo; Passage & colour photo; Fiveways Open Houses & colour photo; Fringe Round – Up; 
What’s on

17 May
Reviews including: Spirit of Africa featuring the Drummers of Burundi; Dimitry Alexeev; Boris Godunov & b/w photo; George Monbiot and Adair 
Turner; Kami Shibai; Sewer Tours & 2 colour photos; Fringe Round – Up; What’s On.

16 May
Reviews including: The Tippet Trio; Boris Godunov – preview & b/w photo; Tansy – preview; What’s On

15 May
Reviews including: Loose Ends from Brighton Festival; Spotlight South East & b/w photo; Annie Proulx; Virtual Festival & colour photo; Sixteen 
artists exhibit at American Express & colour photo. Previews: Terry Waite & colour photo; Fringe Round-Up; What’s On

14 May
Reviews including: Streets of Brighton & colour photos & 1 b/w photo; Barbara Bonney; Sir Peter Maxwell Davies and Philharmonia Orchestra& b/w 
photo; Keith Waterhouse; Fringe Round-Up; What’s On

12/13 May
Louise Rennison – preview; Streets of Brighton in East Brighton – preview; What’s On

11 May (morning)
Article and colour photo on Open House, Previews Nicki Jackowska, Brighton Youth Orchestra Ekstasis. Reviews including: Duncan Gifford; Just a 
Minute from Brighton Festival; Grab a Ticket; What’s On.

11 May
(Evening Final) Reviews: Goldner Quartet, Cottle and Austens Electric Circus with colour photo, Who Goes There, La Traviata, Sarah Field & Simon 

10 May
Reviews including: Felicity Lott and Ann Murray; Jo Lovano Quartet; Textural Space at Fabrica; Parsons Dance Company; Article on 5 Ways with 
B/W Photo; Preview Brighton Youth Orchestra, Ekstasis; What’s On

9 May
Streets of Brighton – front page colour supplement; Parson’s Dance Company & colour photo; Open Houses & colour photo; Textural Space at 
Fabrica & colour photo – review; Oliver Postgate interview & b/w photo; Giant Silk Flags at Brighton Marina & colour photos; Reviews including: City of 
London Sinfonia; Alban Berg Quartet; Irvine Welsh; What’s On.

8 May
Young People in Streets of Brighton – preview & 2 b/w photos; What’s On; Pier Productions’ Series ‘Building Stories’ broadcast on Radio 4 from 
Brighton Festival – preview & 2 b/w pictures. Reviews including: City of London Sinfonia; Irvine Welsh; Alban Berg Quartet; What’s On.

7 May
Children’s Parade & 6 colour photos

5/6 May
Sarah Field Kicks off the Festival! – colour photo, front page. Previews include:Robert Miles to sing with City of London Sinfonia; Ceilidh & colour 
Photo; Road Closures for Children’s Parade; The Festival has begun & colour photo of Children’s Parade; Editorial Preview; What’s On.

4 May
Small article mentioning Streets of Brighton, Carnival Collective, Zap Productions

2 May
Festival 16 page guide with listings, umbrella events and photos; Textual Space article & b/w photos; Piece on Who Goes There? with photos

1 May
Article on Brighton Festival, Window Dressing Competition with Japanese theme; Article and photo of trapeze artist at Carbaret Venue Komedia; Advert for 
2nd May free 16 page guide to Festival.

30 April
Large article in Features on women only art exhibition at Phoenix Gallery with Colour photos; Article on Brighton Festival Umbrella Programme with b/w 

28/29 April
Large article Art is Turning Japanese in What’s On with photo of Japanese Textile Art

27 April
Large article on Future Theatre with colour photo from Boris Godunov

26 April
Article on Young Street of Brighton Project Cactus Kids head for streets with colour photo of children

24 April
World Moves half page article on Brighton Festival Dance 
Programme & Colour Photo

23 April
Percolator pair prove their bubbling over Spring Entertainment – Company Collisions (Sarah Leaver + Tanushka Marah) - a taster of Brighton Festival 
Street Theatre

21 / 22 April
A towering tribute to an artistic city The Improbable Theatre Company - Sticky erect a huge 3 dimensional tower - a taste of what's to come.

13 April
Short Circuit Circus School at EDS, creating website & colour photo preview – Children’s Parade & Streets of Brighton

12 April
In Picture News b/w photo of Middle Street Nursery School previewing Brighton Festival events

2 March
‘Dramatic shift would be best’ Article by John Parry on direction of Festival under Nick Dodds, plus b&w photo of Nick Dodds. Correction that Michael 
Munday designed poster, plus b&w image of poster.

26 February
Brigade fired the imagination of brochure designer 1st edition. Article on Michael Munday and Festival poster. East will meet West at action-packed festival
1st edition. Article on launch and forthcoming events. Festival launched with a taste of sushi; City final. Article on launch with 2 colour photos. Salty 
designs spike fireman's interest; Article on brochure with colour photos of poster and Richard Wolfstrome.

10/11 Feb
Front 1/2 page picture and article Dome is delayed to 2002, due to Structural Problems Setback

10 January
first read the book, then meet the author. Article on Waterstone’s reading group

26 September
New ways to get cash rolling in; Front page article on sponsorship in Business section. Colour photos of Jessica Hepburn and Nick Dodds. Cash appeal
as new arts chief takes over; Article on hand-over from Chris Barron to Nick Dodds and sponsorship with b&w photo. 

9 August 2000
New Festival chief aims for a seaside centre to rival London. Full page article on Nicholas Dodds with 3 photos. 

7 August 2000
Festival chief’s Brighton switch. Appointment of Nick Dodds. Front page article and colour photo continued within.

Brighton & Hove Leader

25 May
Review of Mackerel Fair, front page & colour photo

18 May
Reviews including. Streets of Brighton & 3 colour photos. Previews of: 1984; Kim Itoh; Orchestre d’ile de France; Sushi on menu for School Dinners & 
colour photo

11 May
Listings for: Terry Waite; Sophie Marceau; Germaine Greer; Kim Itoh; NDT2; Merchant of Venice; Boris Godunov; Antartic Symphony

4 May
Preview of Festival in general, Streets of Brighton & Spotlight South East. Listings for Fantasia, La Triviata; Who Goes There? Shakespeare to Go; 
Irvine Welsh, Anita Roddick, Keith Waterhouse, Opening Concert & Brighton Youth Orchestra

27 April
Small piece in entertainment on Joe Lovano Quartet; Small article on Brighton Festival opening concert and other event with small black and white photo

2 March
Front cover: Festival brings touch of Japan plus b&w photo. Bang the drum! Article on launch plus colour photo.

16 Feb
Frontpage article on £21m Dome Opening Put Back

5 January
Exploring Authors. Announcement of first meeting of Brighton Festival Waterstone's Readers Group.
H3. Brighton & Hove Leader continued …

29 Sep 2000
Ready to ‘make things happen’ Article on handover to Nick Dodds with b&w photo. 

11 Aug 2000
Nick’s the man at hub of Festival. Headline and colour photo on front page. Full article and colour photo within.

Mid Sussex Times

31 May
Review of Amy’s View

24 May
Review of Il Re Pastore. Preview of Final Concert at St Bartholowmew’s Church

3 May
Textural Space - listing

19 April 2001
Festival's Support for New Art Work Small Article about this year’s programme

1 March 2001
Japanese influence on Brighton Festival, Article on launch, also mentioning Moshi Moshi

5 October 2000
Just the Guy for the job. Article on appointment of Guy Walker with b&w photo. 

17 August 2000
Article and b&w photo on Nick Dodds. 

Worthing Herald

19 April
Day the circus came to town. Article on EDS and Short Circuit plus B&W photo.

The Insight

Festival Listings in Art Diary, Textural Space, Asian Art, Streets of Brighton; Music Diary: Philharmonia, Ensemble Tozai, Orchestre; D’Ille de 
France, Biosphere, Mirrorman, Passage; Previews of Asian Art and Jazz Bop, SEMS, Matsuri, Small b/w photo Marlena Shaw

Festival City - Festival Edition: Upfront, Festival News in brief; Festival Face - Full page interview with & b & w photo of Lisa Wolfe interview with and 
large b & w photo of Margaret Atwood; Article and b&w photo of author William Riviere; Article on 'the cream of the Festival's literatti'; Article and b&w 
photo of David Thomas (non-classical music); Article on 'alternative' Festival music; Article on 'World Music' with b&w photo of Susana Baca; Interview 
with Anton Lukoszieve about 'Apartment House'; Article on and colour photo of Kim Itoh & the Glorious Future; Article on Parsons Dance Company 
and b&w photo; Article on Nederlands Dans Theater 2 & b&w photo; Live cinema at the Duke of York listings & b&w photo; Preview of Textural Space 
exhibiiton and b&w photo; Article on pianist Maria Joao Pires and singer Barbara Bonney; Sound Setting small article of settings for some of Festival 
highlights; Article on tours around Brighton (Festival Umbrella); Article on Fiveways Artists Group & b&w photo; Review of Boris Godunov & b/ w 
photo; Review & b&w photo of Bare; Interview with director of Who Goes There? Tristan Sharps & colour photo 

September 2000
Nice Nick: Interview with Nick Dodds with b&w photo.

City News

Review of Fabrica colour photo of Cottle & Austin Circus

Front page colour photo of brochure cover illustrator Michael Munday and small article and inset of brochure design; Double page article covering 
Theatre, Dance, Classical & World Music, Opera, Visual Arts, Literature & Radio, Film and Around and about Streets of Brighton, incl. photos of Bare, 
Drummers of Burundi, Textural Space, Street Theatre; Small article on history and refurbishment of Dome & management of Dome by Brighton Festival

Festival news with brochure details plus colour photo of Children's Parade. 

October 2000
Brighton Festival has a new boss. Article and colour photo.

West Sussex Gazette

31 May
Reviews of Dido and Aeneas; Mostly Monteverdi

24 May
Review of Amy’s View and NDT2

17 May
Reviews including: Anita Roddick, Aina Kalnciema

10 May
Preview of Who Goes There?

3 May
Review of Asian Art Exhibition; International theatre mix at the Komedia

26 April
Article on New Dance Programmer for 2002 and Brighton Venue for Gormley's work

12 April
Festival chief has some gems in the line up; Article on Nick Dodds.

5 April
Japanese theme to feast of spectacular festival events; Brief listings details of Dance, Theatre, Classical Music, Opera, Jazz & World Music, Visual Arts 
and Literature.

2 November 2000
Article on Nick Dodds.


Front cover colour photo of Blush; General article on Brighton Festival (double page incl 6 colour photos of Streets of Brighton, Bare, Fuentes,
Children’s Parade, and Blush) Extensive listings incl small pieces and colour photos on Theatre and Beyond, Annie Proulx, NDT2, Marlena Shaw, Il 
Re Pastore, Fiveways.

Textural Space - Visual Arts Listing; Article on Nick Dodds Appointment and small colour photo; Full colour page of listing highlights for Dance, Drama, 
Classical Music, Modern Music, Literature, Film and Children. Incl. 5 small photos.

Festival Highlights

Latest Homes

9 May
Front Page colour photo of ‘The Festival City’. Festival highlights incl 2 colour photos & Mirrror Man Competition

2 May
Fiveways Open House Article

18 April
Full-page article on Moshi Moshi with colour photo; with competition to win tickets to see Kim Itoh and dinner at Moshi Moshi plus colour photo of Kim 

11 April
Article on Nick Dodds plus colour photo in ‘Who’s Who in Sussex’.

Good Looking

Feb - April 2000
Textural Space. Front page image . 2 long listings with 2 other images within. Back page image with long caption.


Brighton Celebrates Japan A4 sized article on Japanese Highlights at Festival with 2 small pictures

The Badger

I May
Parsons Review – Sussex university paper

Sussex Life

Large section in What’s On Guide: Children’s Parade – preview & 3 colour photos; Streets of Brighton – preview & 3 colour photos; Kim Itoh – preview 
& colour photo; Philharmonia – preview & colour photo; City of London Sinfonia – preview & colour photo; Courtney Pine – preview & colour photo; 
Drummers of Burundi – preview & colour photo; Boris Godunov- preview & colour photo; Bare – Preview & colour photo; Amy’s View – Preview & 
colour photo; Fiveways – 8 colour photos and short piece

Sussex Jewish News

Reviews of Il Re Pastore and Yoram Ish-Hurwitz

Reviews of Creativity and Mental States,

Festival Highlights - previews

Radio and Television

Southern Counties Radio

Comprehensive coverage.
Daily throughout the Festival, including previews, interviews and reports from events and competitions.
29 May
Interview with Nick Dodds to give Festival Roundup

26 Feb
Interview outside Moshi Moshi at Brighton Festival Launch.

12 February
Interview with Nick Dodds concerning Dome. Mentioned Festival and Moshi Moshi

12 January
Interview with Peter Guttridge Re: Waterstone’s Brighton Festival reading group

11 January
Interviews at first gathering of Waterstone’s Brighton Festival reading group.

26 Sep 2000
Interview with Chris Barron and Nick Dodds. 

August 2000
Breakfast show interview with Nick Dodds. 

Surf 107.2

The ‘Juicy Crew’ broadcast live from the following events and did several ‘live reads’ giving updates and raising awareness of what was going on during 
the Festival.

24 May

11-13 May
Streets of Brighton

13 May

8 May
Sewer Tour 

5 May
Children’s Parade 

26 Sep 2000
Interview with Jessica Hepburn, Nick Dodds and Guy Walker. 

Coastway (hospital)Radio

Coverage/reviews of a range of events throughout the Festival

Bright 106.4

21st May 2001
Short interview with Nick Dodds, down the line. Giving overview of Festival Highlights

Meridian News

4 May
Live features on Brighton Festival from sea front. Lunch time - featuring Sarah Field saxophonist; Interview with: Gill Kay broadcast on lunch time and 
evening bulletins; Evening - featuring: Short Circuit; Children’s Parade – preparation at Woodingdean Primary (pre-recorded), Carnival Collective; 
Fabrica – interview with Nick Dodds; Interviews with: Peter Guttridge & Pippa Smith.

26 February
Festival Press Launch

BBC South Today

Three separate items, broadcast during the Festival:
11 May
Southern Ways Evening & Lunchtime News Featuring: General Festival information filmed around Brighton including details of travelling to Brighton and 
Box Office details (short interview with Maxine Hort); Fiveways - filming at Annalies Clarke’s house including busking in front garden; Interview with 
Terry Waite. This was broadcast three times

9 May
Southern Ways -Evening News featuring: Fiveways Open Houses – interview with Annalies Clarke, and inside Fiveways Public House at Launch
Streets of Brighton – Company Collisions; Poetry in Motion – interviews with children about poetry competition on buses – driving around Brighton. 

Southern Ways – Evening News visiting and highlighting: Duke of York Cinema showing ‘best of live cinema’ and Japanese Classics; Gardner Arts 
Centre – Who Goes There?; Museum: Textural Space; Interview with Nick Dodds at Moshi Moshi; also mentioned Dome Complex; Lunchtime Recitals 
- short interview with Duncan Gifford in Friends Centre; Fretful Federation of Mandolins in Royal Pavilion Music Room

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