Artists' Open Houses and House Festival

​Across Brighton & Hove and the surrounding area, more than 250 houses open their doors to display the work of over 1000 artists during Brighton Festival weekends in May, and over 60 houses open in the Christmas season. They offer a wide range of high quality, affordable artworks, which can be purchased direct from the artists and makers.

It is a chance for visitors to socialise with Brighton & Hove's creative community, or study the artworks more privately - everybody receives a warm welcome.

Press Coverage 2010-2013
National Print Press

The Spectator

4 May 2013
Full page article about Artists' Open Houses with one image.

Guardian weekend

15 May 2010
Double page spread interview with Ann Firth on her Open House, with 4 images

The Times

4 May 2013
News item about the painter Annelies Clarke's exhibition, with one image, in the 'Daily Register' Section.

The Evening Standard

21 May 2013
Included in travel feature about the May Festivals in Brighton.


29 May 2011
Artists' Open Houses included in a double page spread about open house projects throughout the country (with two images)

May 2011
Artists' Open Houses included in 'Ten top sping festivals' feature

29th April 2011
Piece by Jill MacNair


May 2011
included in an 'Enjoy England' supplement, with an image

18 February 2011
Feature about Artists' Open Houses with an image, included in the supplement Enjoy Britain

CRAFTS magazine

June 2012
Two photographs of ceramic artists included in Kay Aplin's house, with a news item flagging up The Ceramic House as one of a number of Brighton Artists' Open Houses to visit.

May 2010
Article about Unravelling the Manor House (part of House) with 2 images

Ceramics Review

December 2012
Interview with Kay Aplin for ‘My Working Day’ feature.


May-June 2013
Feature about Richard Nott's paintings with one image.

Arts Industry

May 2013
An article about Lee Miller archives with two images.

7 May 2010
A 3 page article about Artists' Open Houses, with 3 images


May 2011
Feature about Alison Hermon's plastic bag dress installations, by Jo Hall

Artists & Illustrators

May 2011
'In my studio' feature about Ned Hoskins, by Steve Pill

May 2011
Included in feature about Artists' Open Houses events throughout the country

The Artist

May 2011
Preview by Rebecca Wanstall, with images

Goldsmith Magazine

May 2011
One and a half page feature about metalwork artists involved in Artists' Open Houses 2011

Metropolitan Magazine (Eurostar Magazine)

May 2012
Included in feature about Brighton's May festivals

The Lady

December 2011
Featured with image in 'The Lady loves...'

SHE magazine

September 2011
Jehane Boden Spiers and her 'Yellow House' included in a large cover article about women running businessesusing their houses.

Church Times

3 May 2013
Large news item about the painter Annelies Clarke's exhibition with four images.

Tate Patrons Newsletter

May 2012
Feature on AOH, with an image of 9a Hove Place.

BBC Homes & Antiques

December 2011
Artists' Open House included in an article on unusual ways to do your Christmas Shopping.

Waitrose Weekend

10 May 2012
Listed in 'Things To Do'


16 November 2011
Christmas Artists Open Houses included with image

SAGA magazine

April 2012
Artists' Open Houses mentioned an article about Richard Nott.

May 2011
Review of the two 'House' project 'Still Life' and 'Hangover Square' by Michael Coveney

Leisure Painter

May 2011
News item by Jane Stroud with an image

Dollshouse Magazine

May 2010
A 3 page article about Helen Holland’s work in Artists' Open Houses, with 7 images

May 2011
Article by Martin Thomas about 'House' project 'Riders Spoke' by Blast Theory

Sainsbury's Magazine

December 2010
Included in 'What's on' section

Smart Living Magazine

January 2011
Artists' Open Houses included in diary-style page

Your Home Magazine

August 2011
Article about Ben Allen's Open House, with mention of Artists' Open Houses and an image.

National Websites


7 May 2013
An internet article about Richard Nott's Open House at St. Michael's Church with five images.

24 May 2011
Feature on Artists' Open Houses by Ben Miller

November 2010
article with images

6 May 2010
Large feature about Artists' Open Houses, with 5 images

25 November 2009
Feature about Artists' Open Houses, with 3 images

The Observer

November 2011
Included in feature about three of the best alternative Christmas shopping experiences

Craft Council Website

July 2010
Feature about Unravelling the Manor House, with an image


May 2012
Feature about Louise Bristow,Artists' Open Houses artist of the year, with 23 images

Guardian Theatre Blog

16 February 2011
Feature about Sue MacLaine and Jake Spicer's projects for Artists' Open Houses, with an image

Crafts blog

May 2011
feature by Grant Gibson, Editor

This is your Kingdom

December 2010
Christmas Open Houses included in newsletter

National Broadcast Media

BBC Radio for Woman's Hour

4-5 May 2011
4 minute piece about 'Still Life; An Audience with Henrietta Moraes' ('House' project), with Sue MacLaine and Maggi Hambling in the studio

Regional Print Media

Sussex Life

May 2013
Two page article about the artist J Kay Aplin, architectural ceramics specialist, with two images, as well as a listing for Artist's Open Houses.

May 2012
Feature with image of J. Kay Aplin, as well as a long listing with large image in the'diary' section.

June 2011
Full page 'Opening shot' feature, with large photograph and interview with Ned Hoskins

May 2011
Full page'Opening Shot'feature with photograph of Sue MacLaine as Henrietta Moraes (full page), for her ' House' project; 'Still Life'

December 2010
Full page with images

May 2010
Feature, with an image

SO Brighton & Hove Magazine

May 2011
Article by Nancy Cremore

December 2010
Listed, with image, in diary section

The Argus

11 May 2013
Large feature about selected artists with ten images.

3 May 2013
Large feature about thirteen selected artists, with four images.

19 April 2013
News report about Artists' Open Houses Launch, with one image.

8 May 2012
Judy Stevens interviewed as the Brighton Festival representative in article about Bank Holiday activities.

5 May 2012
'Celebrating Sussex' interview with J. Kay Aplin with images

5 May 2012
Half page article with images in Brighton Festival guide.

13 April 2012
Louise Bristow, Artists' Open Houses artist of the year, featured in news section of The Guide.

25 November 2011
Feature on Christmas Artists' Open Houses with two images

28 May 2011
News item about children from Stanford Junior School and their Open House

14 May 2011
Article about Artists' Open Houses celebrating 30 years, including an inteview with Judy Stevens

13 May 2011
Artists' Open Houses app included in general feature about festival apps

29 April 2011
Full page in The Guide, with images.

5 December 2010
News item

23 November 2010
Feature, with image

8-9 May 2010
Article about Cinecity's 'House' project, with 2 images.

The Argus Seven Days Weekend magazine

4 May 2013
One page article about four selected Artist's Open Houses, with 2 images.

19 May 2012
'Personality of the week' front cover and double page spread interview with Richard Nott plus seven images

Sussex Society magazine

June 2012
Photographs from the Artists' Open Houses Brochure Launch

July 2012
Personality of the month interview with J. Kay Aplin, architectual Ceramic artist.

December 2011
feature about Artists' Open Houses Christmas opening with image

The Latest

November 2012
Nick Osborn featured in Snap Shots: Large photograph and interview.

5 June 2012
Images from Artists Open House Awards 2012

24 April 2012
Images from Artists' Open Houses Brochure Launch and Louise Bristow Private View.

6 December 2011
Large interview with Judy Stevens plus three images

23-29 November 2010
4 page article about 2010 Christmas Artists' Open Houses, with lots of images

8-14 June 2010
Photographs of Artists Open Houses Award on ‘Latest diary’ page

25-31 May 2010
Feature about Unravelling the Manor House and photographs of HOUSE 'House' project private view on ‘Latest diary’ page

May 2010
Feature about Regency Town House and the 'House' projects being staged there.

4-10 May 2010
Photos of Artists' Open Houses Launch 

27 April – 3 May 2010
Article and a special Artists' Open Houses issue, with 2 full pages of images, maps and schedules 

20-26 April 2010
Article about Artists' Open Houses, with 2 images, and also photographs of Ann Firth on Snaps Shots page 

Absolute Brighton

May 2013
Full page feature with 2 images.


December 2010
Quarter page item with an image

November 2010
Feature, with image

Sussex South Downs Guide

May 2011
Information about Ditchling Open Houses included in article about May Festivals

CMPCA Newsletter

Summer 2013
Full page feature about Artists' Open Houses in the Seven Dials area, predominantly focusing on Richard Nott's exhibition at St Michael's Church.

North Laine Runner

March/April 2010
Feature with an image

Regional Broadcast Media

ITV Meridian

7 May 2011
One and a half minute piece about Alison Hermon's Open House, in the context of Artists' Open Houses

BBC Radio Sussex

May 2012
Several features by Melita Dennett on Artists' Open Houses artists, including interview with Louise Bristow, artist of the year.

7 May 2011
Melita Dennett's interviews with artists were included in bulletins troughout the day. She also conducted several inverviews for Festival Radio and Radio Reverb.

27 December 2010
5 minute interview with Sheila Marshall

Festival Radio

May 2011
Featured Artists' Open Houses with 'through the keyole' style slots (approximately 4: Ralph Levy; Victor's House; Ned Hoskins; Alison Hermon) 

May 2011
A number of features by Jo Youle and Tom Sloane

Radio Reverb

13 May 2011
Melita Dennett interviewed Ned Hoskins about 30 years of Artists' Open Houses 

Coastway Hospital Radio

May 2012
Janet Lawrence interviewed Judy Stevens 

Local and Regional Websites

Bricycles News

April 2012
Two full pages about artists who cycle, plus Judy and Chris,co-director of Artists' Open Houses, with eight images

The Best of Brighton and Hove

May 2012
Feature on Artists' Open Houses including individual trails with ten images


18 May 2012
Feature with five images

Brighton & Hove Freepress

April 2012
Two features - one general Artists' Open Houses feature, one focussing on J. Kay Aplin, both with images.

BBC Sussex Website

27 November 2010
Included in ‘Things to do in November – December’ feature Blog

7 May 2011
Three paragraphs about Artists' Open Houses, with logo, included in blog about May Festivals

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