Hidden Treasures from the Mary Rose

Hidden Treasures from the Mary Rose

THE major exhibition in celebration of the quincentenary of Henry VIII’s accession to the throne

Whitgift Conference Centre, Whitgift School, Haling Park, South Croydon, CR2 6YT
7th April – 1st September 2009

This important exhibition will include over 200 rare objects from Henry VIII’s favourite flagship, the Mary Rose, many of which have never before been on public display. It will be the very first time that a major part of this world-class collection leaves Portsmouth.

The Mary Rose, sank in 1545 in the Battle of the Solent. She was raised in 1982 and her collection is a unique time capsule and one of the world’s most precious heritage icons. Following the successful recovery of the Ship, as well as the 19,000 artefacts on board, a fascinating story of life on the Vessel was revealed.

In the exhibition, the Tudor artefacts from the Ship will cover the full range of the Mary Rose Collection and visitors will be amazed to discover that many items are in ‘mint’ condition. Exhibits will include clothing, jewellery, personal possessions, money, domestic utensils, furniture, musical instruments, medical equipment, navigational apparatus, weapons of warfare, tools, rigging and wood from the ship. The exhibition will also show, for the first time ever, faces of crew members. This will be achieved through sophisticated computer-generated-imagery, linked to high quality forensic science, resulting in heads based on the original skulls.